(Rates are for the services of Head Engineer, Corey DeRushia. All rates include room use.) 

Recording/Editing Services:   $35/hr
Various types of recording services offered include: Music Recording/Editing, Voiceover Recording/Editing, Podcast/Radio Recording/Editing, Recording for Film/Soundtrack, Corporate Project Recording, and much more. Access to all equipment available in the studio is also included. All sessions are securely backed up on and off site permanently for the data safety of our clients. Minimum session requirement is 1 hour.

Mixing/Mastering Services: $35/hr
This covers the mixing or mastering of any material recorded in studio, on location, or files from outside studios. For examples of various projects, check out the “Music/Clients” section of the site.

Off-Site Live Recording:   $35/hr (including packing, load in, setup, recording, tear down, repack, and load out)
16 track 24bit/48kHz Location Recording capacity, with access to the complete studio mic locker. This service is readily available throughout the greater Lansing area, and further upon request. Minimum session requirement is 4 hours. Minimum requirement can be subject to increase, depending on the event/location.

Musical Accompaniment/Performance Services:   $35/hr
This rate includes engineering services, as well as music performance and production services. I will also help with musical arrangement upon request. Additional rates may apply for hired session musicians, equipment rentals, etc

Misc. Mixing, Audio Recovery, Audio Archiving, Data Transferring, Etc:   $35/hr
This includes recovering/archiving files from a variety of legacy media (inquire about availability), file transferring for permanent storage, or any other miscellaneous audio related service provided. Please contact Corey about any further details/services.



  • A consultation with Corey will occur prior to your session to determine an estimate of how long your project will take to complete. Payment in full is required at the end of every session for any work performed. Pre-Payment for your full estimated time frame is encouraged, but not required.

  • Cancellation within 24 hours of a session will be subject to a $30 cancellation fee.

  • Freelance Engineers interested in use of the studio please inquire for further details

  • All renters will be held liable for any damages they may cause throughout the duration of their visit.