ABOUT Troubadour is one of the largest Recording Studios in Lansing, Michigan. With professional quality results, a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, and affordable rates, Troubadour is the perfect choice for your next Studio or Live Recording. 

Troubadour has 7 rooms in total, including one of Lansing's largest studio floors, a comfortable lounge and control room, complete with a kitchenette, couches and vintage tetris. Each room has its own sliding glass door, so you are isolated acoustically without being separated visually. This makes Troubadour the perfect space for recording many musicians live. Troubadour operates ProTools10 at 24bit/48kHz, and can handle up to 16 simultaneous inputs, with 96 total tracks. For further details, explore the Equipment page. Troubadour is owned and operated by Engineer Corey DeRushia. Originally from Traverse City, MI, Corey has recorded and run live sound for countless musicians over the course of his roughly 15 year career working with music and sound. Before coming to Lansing, Corey earned his degree in Sound Engineering at the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology and has worked in a number of locations throughout the midwest and Canada, most notably Electrical Audio in Chicago, IL. Corey has been creating his own music since age 11, and plays a variety of instruments. If he's not making records, he's probably playing an instrument, hanging out with his awesome wife Emily, helping take care of their 100 year old house on Lansing’s Westside, or cleaning up after their dog Cookie and 2 cats, Norman and Pauline.
EQUIPMENT Preamps/Recording Devices Universal Audio Apollo 16 Quad Core w/16ch A/D Conversion Universal Audio Apollo Quad Core w/4 UA Preamps Allen & Heath GL2400 Mixing Console Focusrite OctoPre MkII Dynamic Preamp A/D converter Sytek MPX4A 4-channel microphone preamplifier Mackie 16/04 VLZ Pro Mixing Console Alesis ADAT Digital Tape Machine TEAC 1/4” 2 track tape machine with outboard DBX noise reduction Cloud CloudLifter CL-2 in-line microphone preamplifier DAW/Plug-ins
Operating ProTools 10 and 11 LE with Waves Gold Bundle and Avid Factory Bundle
16 Total Cores of Universal Audio UAD-2 Plug-in Processing, feat. Neve, Studer, API, Pultec, Fairchild, SSL, and many more
Melodyne Editor
SoundSoap Noise Reduction
Numerous instruments/effects accessible via MIDI controller Monitors
KRK Rokit 8 Active Studio Monitors JBL 12” Active Sub
KLH Pro-11 Speakers x2 + Center Channel
Advent Mini Speakers x4 Computers
iMac 2.66GHz Quad Core w/32GB RAM Mac Mini 2.4GHz w/4GB ram Hardware RCA and Yamaha Receivers for in-house playback Odyssey Power Conditioner with Racklight ART Power Conditioner Behringer Headphone Distribution with up to 16 individual headphone feeds with 4 mixes Lexicon MPX110 MultiEffects Processor MUSIC

Clients of Troubadour Ace Crank/Crank Family Restoration
Al Ibe
Andrew Power
Andrew Warner
Andy Hopping
Anna Radway (Produced by Mark Ruhala) Barons of Brass -featuring narration by Ken Beachler
Bart Moore
Beat Brigade Productions *feat. Joey Mapes, Gyro, Patience, Matt O.C., Anagram, Jak the Mak, and others
Ben Bennetts
Beth Patterson
Brian Roth Productions
Brian Town - Michigan Creative
B.W.A. Cameron LaVenture
Carolyn Koebel
Cat Midway
Chris Hamilton
Chris Sloan
Cool Fusion Daniel Roberts
Daniel Roberts and Anthony Eidt
Dave Sharp (Secret Seven)
David Melbye
Debbie Walton
Derek Smith (Honest D and the Steel Reserve)
Devin Grundy
Dez Harley
Dez/Paul w/Dez Harley & Paul Psych
Doug Mains & The City Folk Earthwork Collective Family Weekend *feat. Seth Bernard, May Erlewine, Joshua Davis, and many others
Elden Kelly
Evan Simon Forest Van Eck
Fun Ender Ghoulie
Gifts Or Creatures
Global Roots Duo Elden Kelly and Bobby Bringi (live at message makers)
Graham Lapp Hardigrade
Heartland Klezmorim
High Five, First Kiss
Hordes Igor Houwat
Ish Jack Grendel and the 12-armed Bandits, 
 *engineer: Pat Carroll Jai-Xue
James Tanang
Jim Chen
Jim Spalink
Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers
Joe Reilly
Jonathan Timm
The Jeremies Kanda Trad
Keifer Gray
Kendall Cassella
Kim Vi & The Siblings Lana LaRue
Lila Shanker (produced by Mark Ruhala)
Llasang Tanang
Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys
Lord Vapid
AKG C3000B Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser (2)
AKG C1000S Cardioid Condenser (2)
AKG D112 Cardioid Dynamic (2)
AKG D22 Cardioid Dynamic (1)
AKG D3700 Hypercardioid Dynamic (2)
ATUS ATR30 Cardioid Dynamic (1)
Audio Technica MT830C Omnidirectional Condenser (2)
Audio Technica PR99 Cardioid Dynamic (2)
Audio Technica ATM31 Cardioid Condenser (2)
Avantone CK-1 Cardioid Condenser w/Hypercardioid and Omnidirectional Capsules (2)
Behringer C-2 Cardioid Condenser (1)
Blue Spark Cardioid Condenser (1)
Cascade FatHead Figure 8 Ribbon (2)
Cascade KnuckleHead w/Lundahl Transformer upgrade, Figure 8 Ribbon (2)
Cascade M20u Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser (1)
Karma Audio Silver Bullet Omnidirectional Condenser (7)
Lauten Audio LT-381 Oceanus Tube Condenser (1)
Miktek C5 Cardioid Condenser w/Omni Capsule (2)
Peavey 480 Cardioid Condenser (2)
Rode NT1-A Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser (2)
Samson C01 Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser (1)
Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic (1)
Shure SM57 Cardioid Dynamic (3)
Shure SM57 May model Cardioid Dynamic with 
Drum Rim Mount (2)
Shure 12AH Cardioid Dynamic (1) *Other various microphones for special effects purposes Instruments/Amplification
Handmade 5 piece maple Drum Kit with Keller shells (c. 2000) with RIMS mounts
Wide variety of Cymbals to choose from, including mostly Zildjian K and K custom
Homemade Convert-O-Tom 16” Kick Drum (this has great presence in recordings!)
Misc. Percussion instruments, Tambourines, Maracas, Etc
Yamaha Concert Upright Piano (c.1990’s)
Hofner Club CT Semi-Hollow body Electric Guitar (c. 2010)
Fender Pro Junior 15w Tube Amplifier w/output jack for use with external cabinets (c. 2002)
Peavey Delta Blues 112 30 watt amplifier (c. 2000's)
Electro Harmonix Big Muff distortion pedal
Fender Rhodes Suitcase 73 Electric Piano (c. early 1970’s)
Squier Vintage Modified Series Precision Bass (c. 2011)
Ampeg B15N Vintage Tube Bass Amplifier (c. 1968)
Kimball “Entertainer” Organ (c. 1970ʼs)
Bean Blossom (by Morgan Monroe) 5-string resonator Banjo (c. 2000)
Yamaha FG400A Dreadnought sized Acoustic Guitar (c. 1995) 
Mark Lavengood
Matt Preston
Micah Ling
Mourning Wolf
Molly Bancroft
Muriel Reymond Nate Wickard
Noxon/Wenzel Okenwa Aguwa
Old Mission Collective Paige Jorgensen
Patrick Carroll
Patrick Feldpausch
Patrick Krueger
Phil Kurth
Prince John & Killa J Racket Ghost
Red Robe
Red Tail Ring
Red Teeth
Rob Blankenhorn
Ryan Scott Sam Cooper
Shalah Keith
Shotty Bucc
Speak Easy
State Of Fifths
Steve Hodnett
String Theory Ted Morse
Temeskgen Hussein w/Carolyn Koebel
The Asking
The Blue Effect
The Bosco Gee Blues Band
The Campanellis
The Denver Conspiracy
The Devastator
The Dirty Mugs
The Pat Zelenka Project
The People's Temple
The Tia Imani Hanna Project Wordsworth
 Past Clients: Ben Twiggs 7
Blackwater Valley Songs
Bleak Hotel
Blisstripp (live)
Call It Karma
Dan DeRushia
Decomposition of Us
Full Bore
Levi & Seth Britton
Luke’s Diner
Jennifer McLaren
God Made Me Funky
Partitions of Poland
Pool of Frogs (assistant)
Rael & Corey’s Excellent Adventure
Randall Malcolm
Semblance of Normalcy
Tanooki Suit
The D.A. (live living room tour session!)
The Med/Moy
Tomorrow’s Monday
Victor Fix the Sun
Spoken word to music: Francis Wiley
*feat. instrumental performances by Corey DeRushia
Rates are for the services of Head Engineer, Corey DeRushia. All rates include room use. Recording Services: $30/hr
This rate includes audio recording, editing, mixing, and much more. Access to any instruments/amplifiers in the studio is also included. All sessions are securely backed up through project completion, and a CD copy of your session is complimentary. The minimum session length requirement is 1 hour. Off-Site Live Recording: $30/hr with a 5 hour minimum
Service readily available throughout the greater Lansing area, and further upon request. Minimum requirement can be subject to increase, depending on the event/location. Misc. Mixing, Audio Archiving, Data Transferring, Etc: $30/hr
This rate includes mixing pre-existing audio from separate recording sessions, file transferring for permanent storage, archiving from legacy medias, (inquire about availability) or any other miscellaneous audio related service provided. Please contact Corey about any further details/services. Musical Accompaniment/Performance Services: $30/hr This rate includes engineering services, as well as music performance and production services. I will also help with musical arrangement upon request. Additional rates may apply for hired session musicians, equipment rentals, etc Special Promotion!
Planning to work on a long project? Maybe you have multiple projects to work on, or an ongoing project that needs consistent attention? Pre-pay for 100 hours of studio time, and all work completed will be at a special rate of $25/hour! This will save you $500 on a 100 hour project! Your time does not have to be used all at once, but can be spread out over any duration you need. If you have the money up front, this is a great way to save money in the long run! Terms/Conditions: *A consultation with Corey will occur prior to your session to determine an estimate of how long your project will take to complete. Payment in full is required at the end of every session for any work performed. Pre-Payment for your full estimated time frame is encouraged, but not required. *Cancellation within 24 hours of a session will be subject to a $30 cancellation fee. *Freelance Engineers interested in use of the studio please inquire for further details *All renters will be held liable for any damages they may cause throughout the duration of their visit.

CONTACT 1133 May St. Lansing, MI 48906 517.802.8404 troubadourrecording@gmail.com

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