Troubadour Recording Studio

Lansing's Premier Recording Destination



Troubadour is one of the largest Recording Studios in Lansing, Michigan. With professional quality results, a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, and affordable rates, Troubadour is the perfect choice for your next Studio or Live Recording. Troubadour has 7 rooms in total, including one of Lansing's largest studio floors, a comfortable lounge and control room, complete with a kitchenette, couches and vintage tetris.

Each room has its own sliding glass door, so you are isolated acoustically without being separated visually. This makes Troubadour the perfect space for recording many musicians live. Troubadour operates ProTools10 at 24bit/48kHz, and can handle up to 16 simultaneous inputs, with 96 total tracks. For further details, explore the Equipment page.

Troubadour is owned and operated by Engineer Corey DeRushia. Originally from Traverse City, MI, Corey has recorded and run live sound for countless musicians over the course of his roughly 15 year career working with music and sound.

Before coming to Lansing, Corey earned his degree in Sound Engineering at the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology and has worked in a number of locations throughout the midwest and Canada, most notably Electrical Audio in Chicago, IL.

Corey has been creating his own music since age 11, and plays a variety of instruments. If he's not making records, he's probably playing an instrument, hanging out with his awesome wife Emily, helping take care of their 100 year old house on Lansing’s Westside, or cleaning up after their dog Cookie and 2 cats, Norman and Pauline.