corey Derushia: head engineer, owner


Corey has worked with hundreds of artists/clients over the span of his roughly 15 year career in audio. He graduated with honors from the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology (OIART), and interned under Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago. Corey has been making music since he was a kid, and his main instrument is drums, though he’ll try about anything with strings too. If Corey’s not here, he’s probably with his fantastic wife Emily, helping take care of their animals, and their 100+ year old home on Lansing’s Westside.

jon herrmann: second engineer, freelancer


Jon is known throughout southern Michigan as a go to session and live bass player, and has backed up artists like Steppin’ In It, Joshua Davis, Cindy McElroy, and many more. Jon does much of his production from home, but regularly uses the studio for larger sessions. He has published music in television and film projects, and occasionally records automotive racing events. Jon lives in Dewitt with his wonderful wife and 3 children.

cookie: resident studio pup


This is Cookie. At 12, in dog years, she’s the elder of the group, and what wisdom does she spread. She makes sure everyone gets where they need to go, keeps seats warm while you’re gone, and assistant produces every project while getting pets on the couch. It’s so easy for her, she does it in her sleep! Just keep an eye on your food, because she’s a sneaky thief! If she’s not here, she’s with her 2 cat friends, Norman and Stella (R.I.P. her late kitty buddy Pauline).