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About Troubadour Recording Studios

We are a music recording studio in Lansing, Michigan, that specializes in band/ensemble recording, but can serve a variety of audio-related needs. Our doors were officially opened on June 18, 2011, and the first session ever recorded in the studio was with a band called Jack Grendel and the 12 Arm Bandits, engineered by the late great Patrick Carroll. Since then, we have worked with hundreds of other fantastic artists.

Whether it’s for a band, singer/songwriter, vocalist, rapper, small chamber orchestra, or even an eighteen piece jazz orchestra, you name it, and we’ve recorded it. We also love helping songwriters with production on their projects and can provide a variety of backing instrumentation in-house.

The owner of the complex is Grammy-nominated producer John Palmer of Megawave Records, who maintains his mastering facility on-site, and splits his time between the studio and rural Maryland outside Washington D.C.

All the equipment inside the studio is owned and operated by lead engineer Corey DeRushia, who is an honors graduate from the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology, and former intern for Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago, IL. John and Corey have meticulously designed the studio to offer the best client experience possible.

We also have several regular freelancers, including bassist/producer Jon Herrmann, organ/keys/all things guru Jim Alfredson, and former intern now multimedia producer Steve Vangel. Not to mention our wonderful full-time studio pup, Willow!

We are also fully capable of going mobile for any live/location recording, and typically work within a hundred-mile radius of Lansing, Michigan. However, we make exceptions for specific projects, depending on the circumstances.

We are happy to share our building with our eclectic neighbors, The Costume Shop (associated with Lansing’s Riverwalk Theater), Andro-Media (mastering/production facility), World of Zap (screen printing), and Bolin Enterprises (educational consultants).

We operate by appointment only, typically within the hours of 10 am to midnight.

The Troubadour Recording Studios Difference

One aspect that sets us apart is that we have one of the largest recording spaces in southern Michigan, which was designed with acoustics in mind, so the sound is very natural and spacious.

All of the smaller rooms in the facility are also acoustically treated, which makes the studio a handy place to do live ensemble recordings that are still isolated.

We take pride in creating a comfortable working environment for performers at all levels. We want everyone to feel welcome and valued, from the amateur songwriter to the top LA producer.

To achieve our endeavor, we provide a winning combination of expertise, high-quality equipment, and a comfortable, spacious working environment, at affordable rates. Our resources are unparalleled for our price range in this area, which has made us a go-to resource for area musicians.

The Michigan music scene is incredibly diverse and storied.  We are very proud to have remained a vital part of the Lansing/mid-Michigan music community for almost a decade now and to be a part of the continuing story of brilliant Michigan music, known all over the world.

Our dream for the future is to integrate more multimedia production into the studio, including film scoring/soundtrack, special effect/soundscapes, and music video production. We currently can do some of this, but we hope to keep expanding. 

We are also continually investing in the maintenance of vintage equipment, updates/upgrades, and new gear to keep scaling up our capabilities.

To learn more about all that we do at Troubadour Recording Studiosplease click here. If you have any questions about how we can help you, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here. 

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